Kitchen Equipment: How it benefits you

commercial kitchen equpment
commercial kitchen equpment

Over the past 10-15 years we have an influx of new and radical changes to our technology. Things to make our lives easier, to utilise our time efficiently and to fit in with the choices we make in our daily routine. Phones have become more compact, music players have doubled in memory and we can talk to friends with the click of the button. One of the many recent inventions, that Commercial Field is happy to represent, is that of kitchen equipment. Items, such as: juicers to make healthier alternatives to our favourite fruit based drink, commercial grills where friends can gather around and make new memories during the heat of summer or a weekend to catch up with our nearest and dearest.

One of the things you should know, is that I love kitchen equipment, almost as much stationary (however that is a very separate and very real problem) especially made easy to order, which is why I’m a bit of a Amazon addict. I also love finding exactly what I want without those “add-ons”, I don’t think I’m alone there (except those kettles that are also a clock, for some reason I get a kick out of those) One of the, in our opinion, annoying and time consuming things is not knowing where the deals are, which is why we created this website. Designing your new space is difficult; it’s stressful but is very rewarding when the rooms become realised. One of the most challenging spaces to change, is obviously, the kitchen. It can be the most expensive rooms also and after going through the hassle of: buying/renting a new place and all that goes with that, is the stress of your remainder budget and facing the reality of stretching your money.

As any family or large group of friends with tell you, is that to have a house that is designed for your needs, really makes it feel like yours. Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment, can be compared to that of owning a puppy, how will it work around you? For example: do you need that coffee maker if you don’t drink caffeinated beverages? Are you the person who wants to throw more dinner parties? Or do you enjoy relaxing on your own? It’s like owning a hunting dog but not wanting to walk more than five minutes. What works for you? Here, at, we would never suggest that you buy something you don’t need. Kitchen equipment is (fundamentally) an investment so why order something you don’t want? At commercial field we pride ourselves on, providing unbiased information about the items we list on our website, there is no smoke and mirrors to entice you to buy unwanted kitchen gadgets.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through and find that missing object for your kitchen. If we are able to provide any further help, don’t hesitate to email with your queries. Spend some time here and let us assist you in building your new home and adding to your future.